You know it’s winter in Vancouver when the rain pours down for the sixth straight day, your neighbour is building an ark, and the otters are swimming in your basement! Yes indeed. It’s November and winter has arrived on the ‘Wet Coast’ once more. While some folk look to the mountains and the snow falling on the slopes, with dreams of a weekend in Whistler and the 2010 Winter Olympics, the good Doctor has better things to do. What’s that, you say? What could possibly be better than watching snow fall on the mountains while trying to wring out your socks from the falling rain? Why, I’ll tell you!

It’s time for Doctor Arkanoid’s Sunday Morning Sing Along! Gather round the monitor and let’s all sing some great video game songs! To start off, here’s a wonderful 1979 tune from the Australian group Mi-Sex called “Computer Games”.

Now we’re getting warmed up! Let’s sing another great classic video game song from 1980! Are you ready for…Space Invaders?

Now that we’ve worked those lungs a bit, let’s take a ‘breather’ and I’ll tell you all a magical fairy tale.

<The Doctor takes down a big book of Magic Video Game Stories from the shelf and opens it up for everyone to see>

“Once upon a time in a faraway magical land, there was a very special  unicorn who liked to play fantasy role playing games with his unicorn friends. One day….

<The Doctor’s face goes red with embarassment..yes…well, we won’t mention that the unicorns were naked!>

What’s that? You want to sing some newer video game songs? Ungrateful young whippersnappers! Oh alright, let’s try this one! It’s about fantasy role playing too!

Well, wasn’t that fun? Did you all have a good time singing songs and sharing a story? Of course you did! Be sure to come back soon for another Doctor Arkanoid Sunday morning sing along!

Doctor Arkanoid