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Anthony Gurr VancouverThe June 2009 issue of University Affairs Magazine is available and the good doctor is featured in the Opinions section with an article called Faculty Need to ‘Walk the Talk’. The idea for this piece was hatched last September when I spoke to my graduate supervisor over the Internet using Skype. I was doing an online search for essays and papers about health education which I posted to a wiki so he could access them from his comfortable chateau in Chamonix, France,  high in the French Alps.  I mentioned to him how amazing it was to be discussing this project and viewing the materials online from two different parts of the planet at the same time. After a quarter century of working with computers, I still continue to be amazed at what the technology allows people to accomplish. That discussion led to an idea about writing the opinion piece and sending it to the editor at University Affairs Magazine – Canada’s national publication for faculty teaching in the colleges and universities. I submitted it on a Tuesday afternoon and an hour later received a reply from the editor asking if she could use it in an upcoming issue. Several revisions later, the article was finally approved for publishing. It’s my first time writing for a national magazine, so I’m feeling a bit humbled and pleased at the same time.

What? Doctor Arkanoid displays humility? Impossible 🙂

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