Disclaimer – one or two of the following videos contains language and suggestive scenes that may or may not cause your hair to fall out, your  eyes to pop out of their sockets, or generally offend your sensibilities 🙂

Doctor Arkanoid is back in the lab and he’s ready to party!

Pac ManI just completed a BIG step yesterday in the continuing quest to finish my M.A. thesis in Educational Technology at SFU by submitting a final draft of the research proposal to my graduate supervisor who is currently in China either jet skiing on the Yangtze River, or bungee jumping off the Three Gorges Dam. You never can tell with these tenured professors! It’s fair to say that I’ve spent months researching and writing this proposal, so I feel like celebrating.

(Takes out a 1981 Buckner & Garcia album and inserts it into the jukebox)

So come on everyone! I’ve got Pac Man Fever and it’s driving me crazy!

Hey! This party is just getting started! It’s time to Do The Donkey Kong!

Yo Yo Yo! Wassssuuuuppppp? Video Game Song in dah Howz! Break it down!

Alright then! Time for some theatre sports! Here’s a wickedly funny parody about the Nintendo Wii from the Los Angeles based improvisational group Fries on the Side.

Doctor ArkanoidDoctor Arkanoid