Disclaimer: If you play World of Warcraft and are in league with the Horde, then don’t read this story. Of course, who said the Horde could read?

If you’re a PROUD member of the GLORIOUS and NOBLE ALLIANCE, then you know Azeroth isn’t exactly the healthiest place to live. It’s bad enough that the goblin and gnome engineers are constantly trying to one up each other in the “Who can build the biggest, baddest explosive devices” department. And don’t get me started about the deathknights and warlocks tossing about disease afflictions and summoning creatures that leave bits and pieces of themselves on the streets of Stormwind trade square! But when it comes to filth and pestilence, no one beats the HORDE for living in wretched squalor and unhygienic conditions! So it won’t surprise anyone that a SWINE FLU EPIDEMIC is running rampant outside the Warsong Hold in the Borean Tundra of Northrend!

Swine Flu!

This particular strain of Swine Flu first appeared approximately one year ago during the beta test for the Wrath of the Lich King expansion released last November. It’s carried by Undead Living Swine. Once infected, the player is susceptible to ‘Outbreak’ – it lowers player health and temporarily slows you down by 30%. It’s an annoying, but not terribly dangerous condition, unless you’re suffering from low health during the fight.


News of this plague quickly spread from the virtual world to the real world. Game Politics mentioned it. A member of the Vancouver media also heard about this flu and called me to learn more about Azeroth’s wonderful pathology of disease and plague. Of course, it’s all the Horde’s fault!

Here’s a brilliantly funny piece of comedy from Craig Ferguson last week that nicely sums up the media hysteria about Swine Flu.

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