Greetings and felicitations!

I apologize profusely for not posting anything in the last two months, but like so many other folks, I’ve been wrestling with trying to find some kind, any kind, of paid employment so I can afford groceries, rent, and fund my thesis work at SFU. After a flying start to this blog, I let things slide, which a very wise Internet sage warned me about over lunch in January. Many blogs start out with grand intentions, but die a quick death because you lose interest, get pre-occupied with other things, or let the procrastination hobgoblins get the better of you.

The good Doctor pledges to get back to work and keep you informed with more useful information about the video game world. Much has happened in the past while – there’s so much news out there that needs to be discussed. Thank you to everyone who posted and sent e-mail about this blog.

I have two pieces of news to announce. My first academic paper about video games and education will be published this fall in a new textbook entitled Educational Game Play and Environments: Case Studies and Lessons Learned, by IGI Global Publishing. Getting published is a big feather in the cap for a graduate student. The title of my paper is Video Games and the Challenge of Engaging the ‘Net’ Generation. It discusses the prevalence of video games in the lives of students public education and what this situation means for classroom instruction.

My second bit of news also involves an article I recently wrote about the need for post secondary faculty to make more use of Internet applications when interacting with their students. The article is called Faculty Need to Walk the Talk and it will hopefully appear in the May 2009 issue of University Affairs Magazine.

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