This week I’m introducing a new posting called ‘Power Up!’ to highlight interesting headlines about video games appearing in the media. I plan to do this each week.

The Sony Playstation 2 lives! Sony Computer Entertainment is reporting the sale of their 50 millionth PS2 console in North America since it was first released in 2000.

Sales of the Nintendo Wii did very well in 2008. The game console that perplexed many a die hard gamer and game developer when it debuted in 2006 is now extremely popular around the world.

There are now more internet users in China than any other country in the world. According to reports, there are 298 million active users.

At last week’s Consumer Electronic Show in Las Vegas, the CEO of Activision Blizzard delivered a keynote speech where he talked about video games eclipsing other media to become a dominant form of entertainment.

There’s an interesting news story from the UK about the effects of using video games like Tetris to treat post traumatic stress disorder.

Video games are increasingly becoming a form of political expression. In 2007, the Lebanese political organization Hezbollah released ‘Special Force 2‘ – a game that dealt with its conflict against Israel. In 2009, there’s a game called Raid Gaza that deals with the current conflict between Hamas and Israel.

And finally…if you’re hungry for World of Warcraft, take a look at this new restaurant in Beijing, China for faithful players who just can’t get enough Azeroth in their diet:

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